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Common myths about Total Joint Replacements

Only Surgeons from outside Kenya can perform these surgeries.

Nowadays all facilities for TKR & THR are available in Mombasa. The facilities include competent & experienced Orthopaedic surgeons along with required infrastructure. Special care is also given in the crucial postoperative period & rehabilitation.


Joint Replacement further deteriorates the joint movements.

Those who need the total joint replacement (TKR/THR) are unable to sit on the floor, walk without pain, perform their work optimally and enjoy quality of life due to severe pain. Replaced joints are pain free and allow up to 110-120⁰ of bending movement of the Knee and the Hip joint.

It's a costly remedy.

Cost depends upon the type of Prosthesis (implant) used for TKR/THR. The first and second generations Implants costs much less but don’t last.  We use 3rd generation imported Implants from well known companies. Of course cost is less when surgery is performed by competent local surgeons in local infrastructure and environment.

It is risky and in vain to have joint replaced in old age or sickly people.

Osteoarthrosis is a problem for the elderly. In old age when you need to be more independent, a replaced joint helps you lead a pain free & active life.

Arthroplasty is now safely performed in patients with other ailments such as diabetic, hypertension and after Cardiac Bypass surgery.

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