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Mirizzi Syndrome, A Case Report

Mirizzi syndrome causing obstructive jaundice is rarely seen in Africans.  Obstructive jaundice due to gall bladder calculi is even less common in young African men.  A case of this condition in an adult male is presented.  More common precipitating factors for lithiasis such as haemolytic diseases, sickle cell disease and obesity were not found.   Cholecystojejunostomy was performed for suspected periampularly tumour but jaundice recurred within 9 months. 

Diagnosis was suspected after cholangiography and confirmed at surgery.  The biliary ducts were dilated with complete stenosis of the distal CBD.  The cystic duct was completely stenosed.  No calculi were found in the cystic duct or the Hartman’s pouch.  Choledochojejunostomy was finally performed and the patient recovered.

Full Report [pdf]

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