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Determination of Posterior Tibia Slope and Slope Deterioration with Osteoarthritis: A Radiological Study in an African Population

The posterior inclination of the tibia plateaux relative to the longitudinal axis of the tibia is referred to as the posterior tibia slope (PTS). Posterior tibial slope is an important player in the kinematics of the knee joint.

The depth of the slope affects the pre and post-operative range of motion (ROM). Fore knowledge of the mean PTS in a given population is important in order to keep it as close to the normal range as possible during knee replacement. The PTS is also reported to affect the integrity of both cruciate ligaments, but perhaps more the anterior cruciate ligament. Theoretically, slope deterioration should lead to anterior cruciates strain and eventual degeneration.

In various studies and using diverse methods the slope has been found to range in adults from 0 to 18 degrees. Most of these studies have been done among the Caucasians, Asiatic or racial mixtures. There is paucity of information regarding PTS in the indigenous African population.

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