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The Evaluation of Unstable Lumbar-Sacral Junction with Function X-Rays Films

Dynamic radiographs are commonly used to demonstrate segmental instability by demonstrating a varying range of motion and sometimes paradoxical movement of its articulating elements. The disparity is observable and measurable at the opposite extremes of motion; maximum extension and fl exion. The level of dissociation within a segment that is responsible for the instability may be partial or complete. Partial dissociations are of two types, anterior or posterior and are referred to as anterior or posterior resistant failure. Complete dissociation is also referred to as circumferential failure.

Theoretically, measurement values should refl ect and diff erentiate these pathological processes. This study will look at any discernible patterns that would be useful indicators of instability.

These findings are correlated with MRI scans which show the level of disease.

Full Report [pdf]

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